A Matter of Introduction

To begin, I must reiterate my coffee motto: “It’s all about coffee and conversation. Coffee and conversation.” This is not original to me, but to my cousin. My cousin who refused to also drink crappy coffee that our roommate prepared one day. That was before I got into coffee, although now I would agree with his assessment. Life is too short to drink crappy coffee.

Now that I mention that life is too short to drink crappy coffee, let me enlighten you on what makes GOOD coffee. Okay, this is what good coffee is for me (I totally understand that tastes and interest in coffee differs from person to person. You may be into Folgers sludge and I will judge you for that).

But to get to good coffee there are a myriad of questions I had. So what I hope to do is progressively answer the questions I had while I planted, grew, and drink coffee. Here is my working list of questions, in no particular order other than my whim:


Growing Coffee Plant Questions I have:

  • What do you do when you want to transplant?

  • What is the best soil for the coffee plant?

  • How much do you want to water the plant?

  • How often do you water plants?

  • How much sun is too much sun?

  • When do you have the right amount of sunlight and temperature?

  • How do you keep it growing in the winter?

  • When does the plant produce berries?

  • How long does it take plants to produce berries?

Planting Coffee Seed Questions I have:

  • How do I get seeds?

  • How do we get the seeds out of the cherry?

  • What is the “pulp” or what is the anatomy of the cherry and berry?

  • How do you get rid of the “pulp”?

  • How long do you leave it in the water while it “ferments”?

  • What if the seed floats?

  • How do you “dry” the seeds and what level of moisture do you get it to? How do you “tell”?

  • What do you do when you want to begin planting? Do you soak it in water a day? Do you plant dry? What happens with each?

  • How long does it take for the seed to “germinate”?

  • What does it look like after it “germinates”?

  • How long do you wait till you see the plant grow?

  • What are the stages and expectations of how fast it will grow?

  • What soil should you use to get it going?

Drinking Coffee Questions I have:

  • What is a “cupping”?

  • How do you go about fine-tuning your method of preparation?

  • What are the best beans to get?

  • When is the best time to grind your coffee beans?

  • When do “good beans” become “bad beans”?

  • What size should I grind for my method of preparation?

  • What is the ratio of coffee to water when I prepare coffee?

  • How many methods are there to making coffee? Really!?!

  • What are the different flavors that come out of the different methods of preparing coffee?

  • What is the difference between the roasts?

  • What are the essential tools you would recommend having for a Chemex brew?

  • What kind of filters are there and what should I know about them?

  • How important is the water you use to make coffee?

  • People tell me the temperature of the water matters too. Is this true or is someone blowing smoke at me?

  • What kind of grinder do you recommend? So until next time, cheers!