Loyal Coffee Cupping

Throughout my time of developing into being a coffee snob, I have undergone a transformation. I have undertaken the pursuit of growing coffee from seed in Minnesota, learned how to drink coffee with precision and skill, and even created a platform for the world to read my trivialities about coffee. Just recently, I have taken the next step in snobbery. I made it to a cupping.

Now, mind you, this was kindly translated by Bevin (our roaster and cupping guide) to be a coffee tasting. He also proceeded to say that we are talking about a process of making water brown and that we weren’t being “pretentious.” I replied that I had every intention on being pretentious, but I thanked him for trying to make me feel normal.

I greatly appreciated the patience and interest Bevin and Seth gave my cousin and I. My cousin was a complete novice who was only there because I had asked him to join me. He does not like coffee. But he was brave enough to endure this event with me. My cousin left Loyal saying he felt very much appreciated and involved even though he knew little of what he was doing or tasting. Bevin was fantastic at including him in to the process.

As for me, I appreciated how friendly and engaging both Bevin and Seth were with the questions I peppered them with. Questions about the cupping process we were doing as well as how they roast and brew pour overs. I will say it right now. If you are in Colorado Springs and have a Saturday morning free at 10 am, it is well worth your time to go over to their Roaster’s house and experience a cupping with their staff!

On to the cupping! We had six different coffee’s to experience. When they poured the water I immediately noticed a strong fragrance to cup 1 with neutral notes in cups 2, 3, and 4. I cannot recall much about cup 5 and 6, but I do believe they had a more “nutty” smell then the others. When we got into “slurping”, cups 5 and 6 definitely had a more nutty and chocolatey taste to it.

What I noticed was that I enjoyed cups 1 and 5--with 1 being my favorite. It was interesting to see how the different people enjoyed the different cups and for different reasons. Shannon did not like the first cup because it was more “fruity” to her which was the exact reason why I preferred cup 1. the mid range cups did not strike me as anything interesting but that is what attracted some to those because they were neutral and could be drunk in larger quantities. And some liked 5 and 6 because they had that nutty taste to it.

What shocked us the most was that cup 5, which had a “molasses” or “syrupy” taste to it, was a decaf. It was shocking because I liked it. I don’t like decaf. Bevin told us that the process this decaf took to get to being decaffeinated was a sugar cane solution. That was comforting because I do not like the idea of the chemically processed decaf that is normally seen. And it was very cool to have a decaf that can be enjoyable because at a certain time of the day, caffeinated coffee no longer is an option for me. Lest I stay awake all night!

I was pleased that the cup I preferred was their most fruity coffee. I, in general, tend to seek out the fruity type of coffee because I like tasting the fruit through the “brown water”. It adds a character to the coffee that makes it unique to where it was grown and roasted.

In the end, I am very thankful for the experience at Loyal’s Coffee roasting location. The staff were very kind and I would recommend this as a unique coffee experience for everyone! I am thankful that Seth took time to walk through making a Kalita Wave so I could fine tune my skills at preparing my own pour over!