The Winter Blues

It has been a long while since we have last updated our coffee blog. A major factor is probably because we live in Minnesota. And the growth we see takes AGES!!! But there have been a few things that have happened since we last blogged.

For starters, I am frugal. This benefited the coffee plants during the summer because my home got toasty warm in the summer humidity and heat of Minnesota. But, you guessed it, I am wrapped in a blanket right now. Also, Minnesota has all four seasons with an emphasis on the cold one. And in the winter this means our window with the sun is bleak at best. Not only do we have a plethora of cloudy days, but when we do have some sun, it sets almost as quickly as it comes up. So I was concerned the coffee plants would suffer the winter blues without much of the all-important source of vitamin D.

Yes, it depresses me too.

So I decided to move my plants to my church office. First, it has a massive window that enjoys a larger portion of potential sun in the day. And second, it is the second room to be heated out of our seven room office, which means it gets more heat than my home. So wisdom dictates I should move my plants there. And not to mention, there is an added benefit of showing off all of my coffee plants to whomever stops by the office!

Well, all of this is good thought, but how would it turn out you say? In the long run, it has been a good choice. However, right when I moved them over I noticed the plants took a hit in the speed they grew and Juan Valdez lost two branches of leaves. I believe moving them in colder conditions shocked their system a tad. It was interesting to see how a change like this affected a few weeks worth of growth for the plants.

I noticed that Juan Valdez took the biggest hit even though it was the biggest plant I had. The sprouts stopped growing for a while, but never lost any of its leaves like Juan Valdez did.

However, once that initial shock was over, they have rebounded well. All of the plants are growing new leaves and they are enjoying a good 4 hours of sun when it does decide to show up.

What I have learned is that temperature swings affect plants a lot. I guess this is self-evident, but the best advice would be to be patient. Don’t stress or over water or constantly look at them. Be consistent to what has worked and watch what is happening over the long run. Just how when we feel wiped out for days after a 12 hour trip, plants also take some time to recover from trauma.

And yes, I am aware this may be routine information, but this still is a journal entry of mine as I take care of my coffee plants.