naaaaa zvegnaaaaaaa!!

The anticipation has paid off. It has sprouted, hatched, emerged, metamorphosed, transfigured! We have been relatively quiet on the Caficionado page, but our plants have not ceased to work diligently on History. Over these past two weeks, I have been meticulously monitoring the progress of Costa Rica Arabica Soaked Bean 1 (hereby referred to CRASB1 until a name is discovered). CRASB1 has gone from needing an astute eye to notice the splitting of the bean to now, a casual observer can appreciate the progress. And there is green!

At first Jason and I were a tad nervous about the controlled environment we have it placed in. Controlled as in, there really is no breeze, wind, or rain that can fall on these sprouts. We were not sure if the environment would be needed to help shed the outer husk of the bean as it tried to spread its green wings for the very first time. At the same time, we did not want to help the plant because it may need to go through the struggle of breaking the husk to be a strong, vibrant plant. One that would be able to withstand growing up in Minnesota.

So we waited. Or, I waited. Today I had my answer. After I returned from Echo’s morning walk, I stopped by to grab my usual photo of CRASB1. CRASB1 had escaped from its’ brown straight jacket. Now it is only moments away until it can stretch for the very first time and announce that it has arrived!

Now, I am in a quandary. What are we to name the first seed? The name. It has to have strength, vigor, and ruggedness exuding from its syllables. It is, after all, the first coffee plant that has been prepared, planted, and germinated in the #North. This is no laughing matter. It is, after all, the name everyone will remember as we document these uncharted waters of growing coffee in Minnesota.

So, what shall CRASB1 be named?