Dixie Cup Progress Report: 1 Month In, No Leaves

So far, we have found that growing coffee from seed is an excruciatingly long process. A month ago, to the day, our first coffee bean (under Brent's care) lifted out of the soil, following Brent's prediction based solely upon his observation of how "wrinkly" his beans became - I hate it when he's right. My own beans, harvested and prepared at the exact same times, started to sprout about 4 days later. To date, the beans under my care have grown about 1 1/4 inches (see attached pictures), whereas Brent's sprouts have reached 2 inches.

Jason's Largest Coffee Sprout: 1.25 inches

I believe the difference in timing is most likely due to the temperature differences in our respective homes and where we place the plants. Without leaves, I cannot think of any reason exposure to the sun would make much of a difference except to the extent that it affects the temperature of the soil.

Screen Shot of my Plant Monitor's Monthly Report for Growing Conditions

The electronic plant plant monitor in my home gives an ambient temperature range of 68-83 degrees F about 2 inches from the surface of the dirt as the maximum and minimum in the last month. From looking at the data, the temperature probably averages around the 73 degree F mark, making my home relatively cooler than Brent's by a significant enough margin to see such a difference in growth.

Jason's Sprouts: 7/8 are Growing

Currently, seven of the eight planted beans under my care have sprouted (see picture). Six of them are between 1-1.25 inches tall, but there one which is just today lifting up off the ground. Brent reported that many of his own beans are measuring closer to 2 inches tall.

Probably the most surprising observation that Brent and I have had is that none of the sprouts have any leaves yet. Brent has one sprout - his biggest - that seems to be close, very close, to dropping the bean shell (husk?) and getting leaves but this has yet to happen. Exciting stuff!

Just for good measure, here is a picture of the whole family:

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