And a Sprout!

Last you heard from us, we were bantering back and forth about the wrinkles we had in our coffee seeds. Well, since then there has been a lot of progress! I am amazed at how long it took for us to see any movement or progress from our seeds, and now in two short weeks, we can SEE daily progress.

Now, as you can see with our pictures. The seeds have germinated and we have sprouts! Yet, there is no green yet, which I find interesting. Coffee seeds grow differently then what I would imagine a "normal" plant does. The leaves do not seem to appear until after the seed is raised up a couple of inches. I am waiting in anticipation of the day that the seed opens up to reveal a leaf. That is, I assume it will be this way.

Now, for a little behind the scenes explanation: I have been watering these little guys pretty much daily with a spritzer bottle. I spray about 10 pumps or until there seems to be a little bit of water collecting on the top of the dirt. There are days that I do not bother watering. For the most part, the soil retains a good amount of moisture so allowing it to dry a tad is not a terrible thing to do.

These plants get about four hours of sun a day. They are placed in a westward facing window that only gets sun in the latter part of the afternoon. The temperature can get up to 85 degrees (I have a plant thermometer in Juan Valdez’s soil and he sits next to these guys). And during the day I typically do not run the A/C.

Here are a bunch of pictures of how they have transformed over the past few days. At first I thought we were going to have success in seven out of the eight seeds. But just two days ago, I saw that the eighth seed shows signs of growth! Now, did we just grow coffee from seed in the #North!?! Are we the first ones to do this!?!