Dixie Cup: the rebuttal

Yes. Wrinkles. And yes, this is YUGE! Who cares about being gun shy. I will happily get excited about weeds two years in a row. What do they say? Ignorance is bliss?

I for one, believe Jason is simply jealous that Juan Lopez has not only eclipsed Juan Valdez, but is branching off branches from its branches. It is becoming a verifiable shrub! I decided to provide proof that wrinkles do matter and so I submit to you this:

If you investigate carefully here, you will notice something coming from these seeds. What could they be, you ask? Well, it looks like the beginning of the sprout! Life! It is coming to life!

The fat kid on the seesaw has hit the ground and has sent me flying!

Oh, and here is an updated picture of Juan Lopez…