We have been growing our sproutlings for over a year now. They all started as two leaves nestled together in a pod. Since then we have separated them from each other and they live in their own pot. Just recently I noticed Juan Lopez was really catching on.

He sprouted branches!

This does not sound like a huge deal, but when the whole first summer and winter was approached with a healthy dose of skepticism. (Hey, can you blame us for doubting whether or not a coffee plant can survive in Minnesota? And on top of that, my mom has repeatedly told me she does NOT have a green thumb...)

I would contend that this is, as our Commander in Chief would say: YUGE.

Something to note, our plants are about a year and a half old in these pictures. The size we are now achieving is the same size of a 6 month old coffee sprout in Costa Rica. The good ol' North does affect the growing speed and conditions, but it does not eliminate the ability to grow!