Dixie Cup - Begins

Round Two. That is right, we are now on to round two of pain-staking care, constant supervision, and unmitigated excitement as we wait patiently for little sprouts to develop. Yes, we are attempting to plant coffee seeds again. We will revisit and describe our adventure the first time around, dubbed appropriately as “The Coffee Cup”, in a later blog. Suffice to say, we only managed to sprout a couple of weeds after 3 months of delicate and dedicated parenting. The initial excitement of seeing any type of sprout evaporated into disdain as we realized we were duped by weeds. We let them burn in the summer sun known to Minnesota. Nothing survived.


However, we are hoping for a much greater harvest this time. You see, we have not received these seeds from a faceless organization that reeks of big business. Oh no, we have gone rouge and circumvented “The Man” and have obtained fresh coffee berries ourselves (when I say “we” I mean Jason in this instance…he can challenge “The Man”, I only want to reap the benefits).

Yes. We know. Some say this is ridiculous. But we say pshaw to you. We are and WILL begin the first coffee plantation in Minnesota. And yes! We are going to follow in the footsteps of The Coffee Cup. We have a bracket that you are welcome to fill out. If you win the bracket (and our harvest is plentiful), we will labor on sending you the winning plant.