This is Cafinionados' First Post & It's All Mine!

Gold Trophy for Being #1

I am not sure who came up with this brilliant idea to blog our progress of growing coffee in the Great White North, but it was a stroke of Genius!

Actually, I do know who. I am just being modest. It was me. All me. I amaze me sometimes.

At any rate, we (Brent and me, with occasional input and exasperation from Brittany) have now spent a solid 4 hours working on templates in a couple different systems. We started with, then went to buy our amazing domain name,, and realized that we would have to spend $5 a month for a "premium" account to attach it to our site (that still has ads, by the way) - a deal breaker, at least until we can prove to Brittany (our largest financier and angel investor) that we are actually as dedicated to blogging as we are to our obsessive fixation on coffee and the plants that produce it.

Consequently, we were forced to explore other options, among them, before giving up and going back to I think we will just forward the domain name over to the free version offered by until we decide it is worth it (or until someone offers to give us money to pay for the upgraded site).

But this wasn't what took the longest time.

Arguing with Brent on the correct shade of brown and dark red accent colors took the longest time. In the end, he is more tech-savvy (or, perhaps more accurately, he is infinitely more patient about figuring things out than I am), so he got his way. I'll break something later in retaliation and make him fix it.

In the end, it doesn't really matter. Despite Brent's apparent technical knowledge, I have laid claim to the first post and that, as anyone who regularly wins can tell you, is what's important. Just like in life.

EDIT: Re-reading this post this makes me think I should have opened the blog with something about coffee, given that this is the whole purpose. C'est la vie.

EDIT TO THE EDIT: I also should have used a Spanish phrase instead of a French one in the edit above, especially since our original coffee plants bear latin names. Dónde está el baño? ...There. Happy?