Meet Our Plants

From the Tropics to the Tundra

Juan Valdez.JPG

Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez is responsible for the overall nursery of coffee plants. Juan Valdez hails from sunny Florida. He has been repotted twice but due to a vicious feline attack, he only sits 5 1/2" tall.


Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez took his first step into independence mid summer of 2016. Since then he has been repotted once and now sits 7 1/2" tall as of May 2017.

Now in August 2020, Juan Lopez has established himself as the giant in the tropical garden. He has flowered once, last year, which led to one green cherry--euphoria!!--that eventually turned brown... 

This year it has had an appetite in growth and has thrived in the hot and humid Minnesota summer.



Sanchez is the "little brother" of Juan Lopez...