So Slowly

We have discovered that the coffee plant is not a native plant to Minnesota. In fact, it seems like the plant goes into hibernation when the sun is only up for 3 hours a day in the winter. Who would have guessed. Jason recently visited a coffee plantation in Costa Rica and, to his dismay and marvel, found out that our 1 and 1/2 year old coffee was smaller and less developed than their 6 month old coffee plants.

So what you will find on this page is our journey and discoveries of how we have grown coffee outside its normal habitat. And yes, this is possible. 



We have been growing our sproutlings for over a year now. They all started as two leaves nestled together in a pod. Since then we have separated them from each other and they live in their own pot. Just recently I noticed Juan Lopez was really catching on. 

He sprouted branches!

This does not sound like a huge deal, but when the whole first summer and winter was approached with a healthy dose of skepticism. (Hey, can you blame us for doubting whether or not a coffee plant can survive in Minnesota? And on top of that, my mom has repeatedly told me she does NOT have a green thumb...)

I would contend that this is, as our Commander in Chief would say: YUGE.

Something to note, our plants are about a year and a half old in these pictures. The size we are now achieving is the same size of a 6 month old coffee sprout in Costa Rica. The good ol' North does affect the growing speed and conditions, but it does not eliminate the ability to grow!

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