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About Caficionados

Coffee Aficionados

We have created Caficionados to document and share our wonderful adventures as we learn how to grow and make coffee. We have made blunders along the way, but we never stop smiling. The idea of growing coffee began as a whimsical entertainment and has developed into a healthy habit that keeps on giving!

Meet Our Caficionados

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Brent Befus

CTO - Chief Tasting Officer

Brent Befus refused to get into coffee well into his college years. This, despite living in Costa Rica and Mexico. However, during his last year in college he took the advice of his cousin who said "It is all about coffee and conversation. Coffee and conversation."

At that moment he decided that if he was to get into coffee, he was going to get into GOOD coffee and not the swill you get at church events. This decision sparked the adventure of Caficionados.

Jason Harvesting Coffee

Jason Christenson

Caficionado Sommelier

As the better looking of the two original founders of Caficionados, Jason Christenson is a life-long-learner who strives to always learn from mistakes of others who act on his advice.  His opinions and ideas may have changed with time, but not the fact that he is always right.  

Jason is a regular contributor to entropy and currently lives in Minneapolis with his beautiful and brilliant wife, Brittany, a spoiled black Labrador named Argonaut, and a lackadaisical tabby cat, named Kayto.