Highly Caffeinated, Easily Amused


About Cafincionados

Highly Caffeinated, Easily Amused

As the leaders in the coffee industry since 1846, we have a ton of experience in the field.

Actually, this is a bold-faced lie.  We are trying to figure out how to grow exotic, tropical plants in freakin' Minnesota.  We've been at it since early 2016 and have put a lot of time and money into this effort.  We even put together a March-madness-eske bracket based on the relative success of about a dozen different planting methods, plant types, and soil variations.  They all died.  We are relatively certain that the few brave little sprouts we did have showing were sun-baked, water-starved weeds.  Anywho, these are the adventures (or, rather more appropriately, the misadventures) of our quest for the perfect cup of coffee and the plant that produces it.

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